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Monday, 11 September 2017

10 Times Non-Believers Arguments Blew Our Minds, Part 5

Christopher Hitchens: The Lessons of 9/11

Brainwashed Muslim Confronts Sam Harris, Gets OWNED

Most Religions, are losing power and Control, in this modern world...

Worldwide, Religions think that Atheists or non 'believers are a threat to society, because for so long they have held the reins, on deciding what is good for Society! This was their antiquated way of 'Ruling The Masses', and now they (all religions) are worried that they are losing control, and there's a lot of money to be made in 'Religion'... and loss of a lot of Power and Control, well...  they simply can't go on in a modern world with a 'Barbaric', and 'Ancient' way of controlling people! The Majority of People are just not falling for that 'Deity' thing anymore! Come on now... Angels! Talking bushes!  Walking on Water!.. Miracles! Prayer! Now we know that people prefer to go to their local Doctors and Hospitals, rather than sit at home praying waiting for a cure! Eh!... Yeah, how many of you out there would rather 'Pray', if you found a big lump somewhere in your body??? Yeah, you know who you are!

Conservative religious leaders sign anti-LGBT statement on sexuality

Conservative religious leaders sign anti-LGBT statement on sexuality:

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